Polygon Chain (MATIC)
Polygon (Previously MATIC network) is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Aggregating scalable solutions on Ethereum supporting a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem.
"Polygon combines the best of Ethereum and sovereign blockchains into a full-fledged multi-chain system. Polygon solves pain points associated with Blockchains, like high gas fees and slow speeds, without sacrificing on security. This multi-chain system is akin to other ones such as Polkadot, Cosmos, Avalanche etc, but with at least three major upsides:
    It is able to fully benefit from Ethereum’s network effects
    It is inherently more secure
    It is more open and powerful"
For additional basic information on the Polygon Chain, go here. To explore the Polygon Chain, see
In this section, you will find a selection of How-Tos for the Polygon Network.
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