The cheapest yield optimiser on BSC & HECO network
We know fees take away profits from your precious yields, hence, we charge the least fees on the BSC & HECO network (All APY & APRs shown have already included fees).


Vaults(BSC & HECO)

    Controller Fee: 0.2%
    Platform Fee (treasury): 0.5%
    Buyback and Burn ($GURU Buyback & Burn): 8%~30%
    Rewards ($GURU Holder Rewards): 8%~30%
    Deposit Fee: <0.1% on initial capital (One-off)
    Withdrawal Fee: 0.0%
Total Fees: 30.7 + <0.1% on initial capital


Controller Fee
This fee is used to cover gas costs for our dynamic optimised auto-compounding.
Platform Fee (treasury)
The fees collected will be allocated as part of BitGurufarm's treasury which can be used for varied purposes such as hiring for external audits, community engagement, marketing & salary payment for the team.
Vault Fee ($GURU Buyback & burn)
A small % of the profits from each earn() event will be used to buy back $GURU tokens to be burnt, reducing the max supply of $GURU forever, thereby benefiting all $GURU holders & liquidity providers. The buyback burn rate is decided by DAO vote. Currently, all regular vaults have a vault fee of 8% to 30%(Normal for 8%, Plus for 30%).
Vault Fee (Reward $GURU stakers)
Vaults will be used to reward $GURU stakers who stake their $GURU tokens. This Vault Fee of 8% will be implemented on all vaults.
Deposit Fee
This fee serves as a mechanism to encourage early liquidity provision as well as to prevent front-running.
Deposit / Entrance fee =
Example A: Pool TVL = $10,000. You deposit $1,000. Max entrance fee = 0.1%. Entrance fee = 0.0909%‌
Example B: Pool TVL = $100. You deposit $1,000. Max entrance fee = 0.1%. Entrance fee = 0.00909%
Withdrawal Fee
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