Innovation, expansion, growth, permanent dividend right
With the rapid development of the DeFi world, it is hoped that BitGuru can provide users with first-class DeFi services under the cooperation of the community and the team and the continuous innovation model. All users will become permanent shareholders and enjoy permanent dividend rights. DeFi is innovation and the future, all thanks to the advent of smart contracts

Roadmap 2021

    ✅Mar: BitGuru Vault (HECO)
    ✅May: BitGuru Vault (BSC)
    May:BitGuru Vault Matic
    Jun: BitGuruSwap DEX (HECO)
    Jul: BitGuruSwap DEX (BSC)
    Sep: BitGuruLend (HECO)
    Oct: BitGuruLend(BSC)
    Dec: DAO
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Roadmap 2021